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This stuff is awesome! I used it on my face because it gets way dry in the colder months. I used it in my sons eczema, and it cleared it up overnight! I tiny bit goes a long way!

" Herb Infused Tallow Balm "

Destiny D.

I have searched online and found quite a few recipes for similar lactation balls - but none of them were perfect. These are exactly what I was looking for. It's so convenient having everything all together and you just have to add a couple ingredients. They taste great and are super easy to make. I have noticed an increase in supply also.

" Magic Milk Lactation Kit "

A. Tanner

" This face wash is amazing! It give my face a very clean feeling as well as making it feel soft and moisturized. (A lot of face washes make your skin feel dry and this is the opposite!) "

" Coconut Rosehip Face Wash "

Jennifer P.

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