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Simply Ginger Baltic Amber FAQ

We get tons of questions about our baltic amber, so we put together some of our most frequently asked questions to make sure you have all the information you may need! Have more questions? Feel free to reach out via email, PM, or in our VIP group! We're happy to help! 

Q: What does Baltic Amber do/how does it work?

A: The baltic amber stones release succinic acid when they are heated up. Our body heat is enough to release the acid, and then its absorbed thru our skin! Succinic acid helps to alleviate inflammation and reduce pain, making it a great option for teething pain, drooling, swollen gums, restlessness, calming, and so much more!

Q: If I am wanting to use the baltic amber necklaces for teething, does it matter which one I get? 

A: No, when it comes to teething, all of our necklaces will do the job. The color/stone combos are simply a preference so go ahead and choose the one you like the most. 

Q: Is your baltic amber authentic? 

A: Yes! All of our baltic amber is certified authentic and comes straight from Lithuania where it naturally occurs. We work with a small family owned + ran company and have since 2015. Each baltic amber purchase comes with a card of authentication. 

Q: Are your necklaces cadmium free?

 A: YES! We have had our clasps third party tested and they are free from heavy metals ( lead + cadmium free ). 

Q: What is the difference in the different colors and types of stones?

A: Any of our necklaces are great for teething and other inflammation based ailments, like arthritis, however many have other gemstones that have additional benefits. You can find more about those here: 

Q: How do I know what size I should order?

A: Sizing: ( Please be sure to measure your child's neck to be sure the correct size is purchased.  ) 

Up to 10/11 months - 11 inch.

6 months to about 3/4 - ( depending on the size up to 5 years ) - 12.5 inch.

4 years up to like 7/8 years would be the 14.2 inch.

7 years up to like 11/12 years would be the 15.7 inch.

Adult sizes start at 17.7 inches.

Necklaces should fit more loosely than a choker, but not be long enough that the child can get it in their mouth.

** Baltic Amber Necklaces Are Meant To Be Worn Not Chewed On
** Remove To Sleep.
** Remove For Bathing and Swimming.

Q: How long is one necklace good for?

A: Amber can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Q: How should I care for our necklace?

A: The necklaces should be cleaned by just wiping off with water. Chemicals can cause the stones to erode and become brittle over time, so we suggest taking the necklace off to bath and swim.

We carry a variety of sizes and styles of authentic baltic amber. Check out our entire selection in the shop!

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