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Poobreeze Toilet Spray


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This listing is for one 2 oz Poobreeze Toilet Spray!

Before you "go " - spray enough times to cover the top of the water in the toilet bowl. Roughly 2 - 5 sprays. It works by trapping the " stink " under the fragrance layer. Then when you flush, the odor goes with it!

Great for on the go as these 2 oz bottles fit nicely/discretely in any size bag.

Great Christmas gifts for those " stinky " goo'ers in your life. Haha

Available in a few different scent options. Choose from the drop down above!

* Beach Bum - Spearmint'Lime
* Lemon Drops - Lemon
* Citrus'Ease - Bergamot, Orange, Lemon
* The Man - Cedarwood and Bergamot
* Lavender - Lavender
* Lavender'Mint - Lavender and Peppermint
* Custom - Leave request in the notes to seller box.

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